The BackBenders

Backbends are among the most important postures for the body as they work on two aspects 1) the health of the spine - Spine is important from the point of view of the reflex actions, more flexible the spine ,better are the motor functions of the body. 2) the expansion of chest through backward bends allows for increases volume of oxygen in the lungs , thus the energy produced by the body also increases, you will feel a surge of energy if you do the backbends well The most important support to the backbends comes from the breath, if you are able to breathe normally , the body allows you to go deeper into the backbends. In the videos , there are some tips and sequencing logic to improve your backbends. If you find this video useful, let me know in the comments column. Caution : If you are carrying any injury to the back, please take your doctor's advice before engaging in these postures

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